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1. Guided Tour and the selection of properties.

When choosing a property in Turkey is necessary to obtain complete information on the projects, as well as the location of facilities and infrastructure around.

2. The contract of sale.

After selecting a property is issued a contract of sale. The contract contains information about buyers, sellers, and details of the acquired property purchase. Acquired property should be from the present owner must comply with presentation of documents, should be free of debts and encumbrances. The contract of sale of real estate is important to pay attention to the relevant section and Parcel rooms of the house where the apartment is located. All properties in Turkey, is being held on the numbers of sites and Parcel, this number is unique. This system is much more effective than street names (street names do not appear in tapu).

3. Payment.

When a contract is usually paid a deposit. The rest is paid in accordance with the provisions adopted in the agreement. Payment for the property can be made in cash or by bank transfer directly to the account of the owner or real estate company – the builder. In addition, check who is the owner of the apartment and see Tapu. If you purchase an apartment in Turkey from the developer – see the existence of the right to sign on behalf of the company representative of the developer.

4. Tapu (certificate of ownership).

Tapu – a document confirming the ownership of the apartment. On it were written the area Parcel and plot. The present owner, the share of ownership. What share of the land takes this property. The Tapu not indicate the square meters of real estate – here you buy an apartment with a share of the land, so in the Title Deed will indicate the number of shares of the total area of land on which the complex is built.
For Tapu in Turkey, except your passport, you must submit the following documents. Their design takes 2-3 hours:

– A foreign buyer’s passport notarized Turkish translation
– Tax number
– Power of attorney, if necessary
– Two color photos

5. Signing of the Title Deed and change of ownership.

After signing the contract you must obtain permission from the Ministry of Defence for the purchase of real estate, confirming that the subject is not in sensitive or protected areas. All properties on HiAntalya site located outside these areas.

After comes the resolution, the seller, the buyer, your sales manager and national interpreter (for foreign citizens who do not know the Turkish language) found in the Land Registry Office to transfer the Tapu (this time must be paid the cost of apartments, all taxes and other expenses) . The seller signs the document, that the property is fully paid. Upon its receipt the buyer becomes the rightful owner of property.