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If you are the owner of a property in Turkey, the main thing you should do after the entry into property rights – is to insure your housing or commercial real estate.

As in all other countries, in Turkey, insurance is divided into compulsory and voluntary.

Compulsory insurance covers the costs associated with partial or complete destruction due to earthquakes, fires, explosions or collapses due to earthquakes and issued separately from other types of insurance. Property Owner may also voluntarily insure the property in one of the private companies.

The approximate cost of insurance for the apartment with 1 bedroom is about 80 euros, 2 bedroom apartment of about 110 euros, 3 bedroom apartment of about 140 euros, the villa of about 200 euros.

The cost of insurance depends on the area of real estate and its value. Displayed prices are approximate.

DASK (Doal Afet Sigortalary Kurumu) insurance of property from earthquakes. Making this type of insurance is required to purchase at nedvizhimsoti, without it you will not be able to connect the subscriber numbers for water and electricity. Other types of insurance covers the risk from earthquakes only after registration DASK.